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"real life yandere <3"
9 years old
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toxic fwiends :(


I have these mfs as my toxic friends irl and they do be blowing my mind up all day doe. There's this one bitch who literally acts like the boss and is mean as hell. She literally thinks she's like the baddest bitty in the world lmfao- She called me dumb when she has beef with all of my friends. This bitch likes to fight for no reason and uses violece, I mean... ew -_- She must be used to it lol.
Now moving on, there's this one guy who thinks he has like a high reputation and he acts like the boss of others. He slut shames girls and one of them is me. I'm not a slut. He's really manipulative and he can't just get off for once. His bestfriend is the same plus they are two faced and talk behind people's backs. What makes them more toxic is that they are copycats. WANNABES. They wannabe, but they act like people are trying to wannabe like them. I mean ew who even throws eyes at them. There are these other girls too and of course these bitches are like a whole gang. They try to start shit with everybody and think they are extra superior and like they are on the top of this world. We have beef and these mfs threaten me and my friends when they can't do shit. Like what are they gonna do? Come to my house and make a crime scene? They're just some 13-14 year old children with no point in life. Literally. No life. Did I mention the fact that these kids all agree they are the minions of the bitch I talked about at first? LMFAOOOO!!! They be like "best friends" bitch what best friends you're literally acting like she owns you by doing everything she says and following her rules! Well okay let's not get so dramatic. I made this blog because I wanted to share something from my life (yes I know you don't care) and that's all I guess. Comment down below your opinion about this case and what else I should do. Also if you tell me to cut them off of my life I just want to let you know they are obsessed with me and won't fuck off. WELL FAN BEHAVIOUR I GUESS. LMAOO ok thanks for reading this boring blog of mine.

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just ignore them and just forget about them, anything mean that they say just take it as a compliment, don't let some people mess with your feelings, if they try to use violence just report it or fight back, some people change just to be liked by others, I'm not telling you what to do but this is just my opinion.


yk who they are


this is really scary
if you wanna talk my messages are always open