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99 years old
United States
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Excited To BE

by [url=https://www.pimp-my-profile.com/users/l_a_t79/]l_a_t79[/url]


[i]name::[/i] ando
[i]nickname::[/i] trashdog
[i]how old are you::[/i] old enuff...
[i]zodiac sign::[/i] genini
[i]current location::[/i] chillin at home
[i]eye color::[/i] green
[i]hair color::[/i] brown
[i]hair type::[/i] long
[i]hieght::[/i] medium
[i]your heritage::[/i] dumb*ss
[i]what's your middle name::[/i] hyphen
[i]shoe's you wore today::[/i] i havent got on shoes!!! yet
[i]your weakness::[/i] hotdog
[i]your fear::[/i] drowning
[i]have you ever ridden a mechanical bull::[/i] i think so at da rodeo
[i]do you want to::[/i] omg... could we???
[i]goal you would like to achieve this year::[/i] number one on the Top Charts of Music
[i]first thought when you wake up::[/i] damn gotta a lotta do today
[i]best physical feature::[/i] rib
[i]who is your bestest freind::[/i] Tom onM yscape
[i]when is your bedtime::[/i] when i go to sleep
[i]your most cherished memory::[/i] cant remembr
[i]pepsi or coke::[/i] coke
[i]mc dondalds or burgerking::[/i] bugerking
[i]singel or group dates::[/i] ok single
[i]what is the last song you sang::[/i] Trashdogs Shoot Da Freak
[i]does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive::[/i] 100%
[i]what is your biggest pet peeve::[/i] haters
[i]do you drink::[/i] ya
[i]ever been drunk::[/i] o ya
[i]do you smoke::[/i] only puff e-cgi
[i]do you "SMOKE"::[/i] ..."ya"
[i]do you sing::[/i] on the regular
[i]what color underwear do you have on::[/i] gray
[i]do you want to go to college::[/i] no
[i]have you ever been in love::[/i] yes... many moon sago..
[i]do you wnat to get married::[/i] no
[i]do you believe in yourself::[/i] no
[i]do you believe inothers::[/i] no
[i]do you like thunderstorms::[/i] yes
[i]do you play an instrument::[/i] yes
[i]what do you want to be when you grow up::[/i] rockstar
[i]what country would you like to visit::[/i] I fukken love mongolia
[i]how many CD's do you own::[/i] 1000
[i]how many DVD's do you own::[/i] 10000
[i]how many tattoo's do you have::[/i] None Body Is Pure And Untarnished
[i]how many piercings do yo have::[/i] None Body Is Pure And Untarshined
[i]how many things in the past do you regeret::[/i] like all of tthem lol


[i]shoes::[/i] adides
[i]radio station::[/i] KVRX
[i]drink::[/i] strength water
[i]car::[/i] toyota
[i]place::[/i] my home
[i]song::[/i] Trashdog's Shoot The Frick
[i]movie::[/i] was the worm movie?? wit the big sand worm
[i]moment::[/i] Wakin Up
[i]color::[/i] blue rn
[i]meal::[/i] hambuger

[b]IN A GUY/GIRL[/b]

[i]favorite eye color::[/i] red
[i]favorite hair color::[/i] blue
[i]short or long hair::[/i] either can be
[i]height::[/i] either shorter or taller
[i]body type::[/i] pre-owned
[i]does ethnicity matter::[/i] no
[i]piercings::[/i] ye
[i]tattoos::[/i] o ye


[i]do you think you are attractive::[/i] idk im told i am but when i look... in the mirror... w
[i]are you attracted to someone who does not know it::[/i] yea
[i]would you like to be someones fantasy::[/i] o yea
[i]hunter or hunted::[/i] hunted
[i]do you kiss with your eyes closed or open::[/i] one eye open in case somebody tryina get me
[i]a little or a lot of tongue::[/i] Thats For THe BEdroom... dude...
[i]older or younger::[/i] Gimme Dem Nanis
[i]lights on/lights off or candle light::[/i] cnandle is romantic
[i]do you like to cuddle after::[/i] yeah hell yea
[i]do you like to cuddle in general::[/i] yeah HE!!! ll eyah

[b]RIGHT NOW[/b]

[i]what is todays date::[/i] 3.2.20020
[i]what time is it::[/i] 11 26.. gotta get 2 work lol
[i]who are you thinking of::[/i] cant say
[i]what are you listening to::[/i] air conditionar
[i]do you love someone::[/i] yes
[i]do you know where your mechanical bull is::[/i] hA HA what is
[i]does someone love you::[/i] maybe?? i hope
[i]is it

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