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Resources for the newby MySpacer

Don't know where to find cool cursors?
Don't know where to find cool text decorations and dividers?
Don't know where to find cute block, add, and other icons?
If you said yes to any of these questions, you're in luck!

Unfortunately, this isn't a resource for coding.
These sites won't give you viruses, but please be careful

cursors-4u - Here's a site where you can find cursors of almost everything. You can find Sanrio, Anime, Among us, and even more kind of cursors on here. This site has probably been around since the early 2000's, so you can find a lot. There's categories on the left side to better guide you.
Hello kitty Pack

rw-designer - This is another cursor site, it may have cursors you couldn't find yet! You can easily find cursor packs there as well.
Various Cute Cursor Pack
Various Cute Cursor Pack 2

Cute text decorations and dividers - Just copy and paste whichever divider or decoration you want, and you can paste it anywhere you want. You can also find kaomojis.

Cute icons for block, add, and more
Cute icons for block, add, and more 2 - You can download the icons of Deviantart PLZ's accounts to use them. I don't exactly know what PLZ accounts are, I guess they're just accounts w/cute icons so you can easily reference them to your friends. If this doesn't help, you can just browse the internet for specific ones.

That's all I have for now, thx for reading, I hope you found this helpful! :]

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