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"I see you shiver in antici-"
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14 years old
United States
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My sorrowful struggles

Smh gonna cry i hate math.. Like why?,,, what? It's all fake,,, i wont. Use this

Also i dont understand,,, if on meth add meds,,, why fat? Huh? Why fat if meth??? Unfair im sueing

Also i am so sleep deprived ,,, yes its 3:22 pm,, yes i need a nap

Also you ever have a question but you cant ask it cause that ruins the question? Like only one person can answer but they are the reciever of the question???

Also money. Why. I hate. Yet want. Wtf.

Also friends??? Why. Like why

Good talk bunch of strangers who have no perception of who i really am. Good talk.

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delaney baby why did u come to myspace before me to complain about maths i am So concerned