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more rambles!!!

bing bong bing bong!!!!!!!!! if you're reading this then hello >B) >B) >B)
im very tired and its 3:52 in the morning for me >B) i am going to ramble more because i want to heehaheheahehehoehohoehoehe
i like french :3 its such a lovely language!! i am exempt from it in school because i find it difficult to learn languages, but none the less if it was easier for me i would really try and learn it!!!!!!!!!

i like how it sounds i dunno how to describe it... it just makes me relaxed!!!!!!!!!!!!
one day maybe i would like to live in france or maybe italy :o im not one for putting expecations on my future so early in my life but i dont know i think that those places would be a very nice place to live at some point in the future :]

now im gonna press the 'post' button down below >B) oh boyyyy!! ima press it.... i cant wait to do so maybe....... ima press that button and then do a little rain dance for the dieties above so that the clouds can part tonight and i can see the mooooon..... that'd be nice :3 :3 outside is just a buncha dark but it might just be because i have my light on :o ima check if i can take a peek at the moon :o nooo i cant :< thats a shame!!!! the moon's taking a break

anyways night night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YA >B) that'd be fun


STOP BEING CUTE STOPPIT STOPPIT !!! anyways if you need help learning a language maybe i can help i will teach you a bit of japanese maybe do you want to count in japanese ?? :0


hello ☺
languages are cool i wish i could learn


omg I think the same, the French language sounds so nice ^오^