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monty the cat

my cat is sitting on my bed : ) he is right beside my legs and is looking around the place !! he is in my room because its warm here B) B) B) my house has no heating, and i live in ireland so things can get very cold !! luckily i have a radiator in my room to keep me warm in the cold, and a nice comfy bed >B) i love monty :3

hes a little gargoyle though, and'll scratch you if youre bein a silly dingus >:O make sure not to insult him or he'll scratch ya !! aaaa watch out... wu oh the gargoyles looking at me... i wonder if he knows what i am typing :O i sure hope not!

sometimes i wonder if cats can understand what i say to them :3 i know they dont speak english but i still like to believe that they can understand my tone of voice and body language !! i hope monty understands it so that he feels comfy when i pet him !!!!!

im cold B) maybe i should put on socks i think i might put on socks B) i had socks on for a little while but i have the tragic tendency to take socks off after i put them on without noticing!! ok see ya later im gonna finish this blog now hohohoho

thank you for reading my blog thingy : ) have a crab!! crabby crab

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Yey this cat sounds friend hi monty
gargoyle friend

also thank for the crab


HI MONTY !!!!!!! HI MONTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MONTY !!!!!!!!!! <3