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69 years old
South Africa
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I sound like an angsty teen right now, but I’m just getting kinda tired of all the drama. I saw it coming. I’ve been watching it build up. I know I shouldn’t say this but it feels like my fault.
Imma stop and tell the story now.
Sometime in January, Ava and Zoe were friends with this 8th grade guy and they zoe wanted me to meet him. He seemed sweet and nice I guess. Kinda ugly tho. He calls me by a nickname only
my dad and his friends used. Well anyways, I slowly became friends with him and we started FaceTiming every night and often slept with it on (weird, ik). He always called me cute and hot. I didn’t really care back then bc I thought he was kidding or something. He also said I love you a lot and asked for hugs and cuddles. I just went along with it bc i thought he was just a weird guy. I even said I love you to him and I hate myself for it.

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