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69 years old
South Africa
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Xander: lmao lemme tell you, i’m no scared the slightest, so get that dick out your ass and realize no one gives a shit about your ass

Me: . Lemme tell you more fucking shit since your not getting the slightest goddamn hint. You Pussy ass nigga look at me in the fucking eye and
Nigga why don’t you just hit me then and beat my ass since you can’t even talk to me like a normal ass person you fucking pedophile
Right now you’re saying all this shit but in real life you can’t do shit and you fucking know it. Why didn’t you just hit skyler back tf. Youre not shit. You fucking fag you know your a pussy. Dipshit ass fuck.
Didn’t you punch Clyde’s arm once?
You dumb bitch come out and say this shit to my face and don’t run away like you always do. Wtf do you mean. I know you think your shit and all but you don’t know about all the times I defended you when people called you sped and retarted.
This is why people hate your ugly ass you horny piece of shit stop using girls like items damn we were just being nice to you but you took it way too fucking far you goddamn fag dumb fuxk ass nigga.
Your fucking flitrty personality doesn’t replace your disgusting face you ugly ass bitch
Your face reminds of your mom when your dad was to slow at pulling out, holy shit fuck me. You’re a fag who can’t do shit to any one. Go. Back into the closet to masturbate
Dumb fuck say something

Xander: that all you got? just insults?
ok, good one, no wonder why you ran from home and tried to kill your self lmao
i took it to far how, y’all be the ones making moves on me like damn lmao, plus i have a flirty personality, i get it a lot and that ain’t no exscuse
who said i was, cool, sorta don’t care tho, gay ass
i don’t even know who’s typing, i thought it was ava, if you wanna hate me, then that’s your choice
like i always do? quit acting tough your a lil cunt lmfaooo, damn your retarded

your really stupid aren’t you, i barley hit her plus it was jokingly
quit acting tough
bruh she barley hit me, i ain’t hitting a girl
maybe if you wipe off your cringy ass smile, dumb fuck, yeah good one. your such a pussy like damn. yeah and, your such a pussy your begging people to beat me up, do it your self, oh wait your cunt, your a bitch ass female

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