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17 years old
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hello ! this is a short blog to introduce myself and something i've been interested in for the past four months ! you've probably already heard of it before, but it's called shifting ! this is the act of shifting your consciousness or moving your current awareness / perception to that of a certain reality, whether intentional or not. we shift every day with every choice we make, so it's nothing weird or scary or against religion. this is a very interesting and exciting topic to me considering the fact that we can shift to any reality any time we want, which is a great way of escaping abusive households or bullies or just our boring lives in general. i've learned a lot during these months, i've even shifted twice, and the feeling is scarily euphoric. the reason i'm writing a blog about this is because maybe someone that needs this will see it, and will be able to escape. if you want to learn more about shifting or have any questions about it, message me :3 i'll help the best way i can.

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