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"i might be a cat girl & im terrified"
16 years old
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proper intro!


name: vale or frankly anything u wanna call me (as long as i agree to it obviously haha)
age: 16, my birthday being nov. 27
gender: cis female
sexuality: bisexual with a preference for women (this also includes enbys!, i just perfer the bi label over pan!)
nationality: panamanian (someone please take me out of this place)
religion: atheist, but i'm a bit spiritual
anti-trump: if u agree with this man never look at me again.
blm: support the movement & help, don't turn it into an aesthetic or trend.
feminist: why not support a movement all about equity!
abortion: let people do what they want with their bodies
strippers: let people do what they want with their bodies
sex workers: let people do what they want with their bodies, respect them.

not important, but details & faves if u wanna know about me :D

height: I'M ALMOST 5'6,,,
zodiac: i only know im a sagittarius!! can't even get a birth chart cause no one remembers at what time i was born
personality type: enfp
enneagram: type four
cats: i luv cats so much, my family & a couple of my friends even call me "miau" like a cat's meow but in spanish?? if that makes sense???
seasons: i've always wanted to experience spring & winter! but my country has an eternal summer + rain now & then
holidays: i hate christmas, my favorite holiday is valentine's day!
fears: the ocean & my father
school: i was a star student, kinda still am, but very burned out,,, i absolutely hate it
baking: i love making cookies, banana bread, & red velvet cakes
aesthetic: i try to keep it creepy cute jaja
gudetama: i love gude!!

movies, games, & music

movies: horror is my favorite genre! i also dig animated stuff
horror: i love gore! my favorite movie rn is mother! & i love ari aster's stuff :D
disney: princess & the frog, tangled, & frozen are the best
ghibli: ponyo & princess mononoke are my favorites
pokemon: my favorite pokemon is mimikyu
stardew valley: i have married abigail & alex but my favorite character is evelyn!
animal crossing: my favorite villager is deena :D
mobile games im addicted to: animal restaurant, dream house days, & mystic messenger
music: lately ive been listening to a lot of kpop & hiphop/rap
bts: my favorite song rn is butterfly, my bias is jin/yoongi
stray kids: my favorite song rn is insomnia, my bias is changbin/channie/jeongin
txt: my favorite song rn is fairy of shampoo, my bias is soobin/yeonjun
loona: my favorite song rn is love cherry motion, my bias is chuu/cheorry/yves/olivia
itzy: my favorite song rn is cherry, my bias is yeji/chaeryeong
red velvet: my favorite song rn is one of these nights, my bias is irene/seulgi
blackpink: my favorite song rn is love to hate me, my bias is jisoo
rico nasty: my favorite song rn is countin up/OHFR?
princess nokia: my favorite song rn is welcome to the circus
doja cat: my favorite song rn is better than me
kero kero bonito: my favorite song rn is dear future self
beach bunny: my favorite song rn is good girls (don't get used)
fall out boy: my favorite song rn is church
my chemical romance: my favorite song rn is na na na na
falling in reverse: my favorite song rn is fashionably late
bad bunny: my favorite song rn is 25/8
slayyter: my favorite song rn is all i want for xxxmas
yungblud: my favorite song rn is anarchist

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we have a lot in common
altho my fav song for Rico is Time Flies