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dwarf planets (updated blog)

? =considered dwarf planet by most people but not proven
??? =probably not a dwarf planet but there are reasons it could be
IAU =International Astronomical Union, a group that try to standardise definitons and names of objects. only 5 objects are confirmed so far their definition for a dwarf planet is:

  • must orbit sun
  • must be hydrostatic equilibrium (rounded)
  • must not clear orbit path of other objects
    TNO =Trans Neptunian Object (orbits further from sun than neptune)
    R🜨 =measurement of length compared to earth. Earth is R🜨=1 Moon is R🜨=0.2727

    Ceres R🜨=0.0742

    Named dwarf planet by IAU. it is located in the asteroid belt the first discovered in 1801. was thought to be a planet then an asteroid now a dwarf planet. only confirmed dwarf planet which is not a TNO. visited in March 2015.
    it might of had a subsurface water ocean in the past. it might have stable liquid water hidden in dark craters too.


    not confirmed, theres some evidence from 2019 the asteroid is in hydrostatic equilibrium which would make it dwarf planet, even though Vesta and Pallas are bigger asteroids so it wold be silly.

    Pluto R🜨=0.186

    Named dwarf planet by IAU. discovered in 1930 it is a TNO and was also thought to be a planet, it is the biggest known.
    visited in July 2015, it has a heart made of flat surface ice caused by melting from collision or volcanoes. There is red material called tholins, it also has a small atmosphere of nitrogen
    it has 5 moons all small except charon

    Charon??? R🜨=0.0951

    not confirmed, discovered orbiting pluto in 1978, which reduced the believed size of pluto.is classified as a moon. but it affects pluto so much that the centre of mass is outside plutos surface so the IAU said it might be reclassified in the future as a dwarf planet in binary system.

    Eris R🜨=0.1825

    Named dwarf planet by IAU. discovered in 2005 its first size estimate made it bigger than pluto but now it is thought as a similar size. its discovery made the current definition of dwarf planet,
    it is more white than pluto because of methane ice.
    it has a small moon Dysnomia
    the picture you see is bad and the rest will be because the objects are not visited

    Haumea R🜨=0.12 (if it was a sphere)

    Named dwarf planet by IAU. discovered in 2004
    its fast spinning stretched to an ellipsoid shape.it also has rings,
    it has 2 moons Hiʻiaka and Namaka

    Makemake R🜨=0.112

    Named dwarf planet by IAU. discovered in 2005
    it is probably more red than eris is. it probably has little or no atmosphere
    it has an unnamed moon

    Gonggong? R🜨=0.0983

    surface similar to quaoar and is one of the reddest despite water ice not snow white possibly methane frost tholins.there is also some methanol on surface. it could have methane exosphere.
    it has a slow rotation probably because of its moon Xianglu.

    Quaoar? R🜨=0.0879

    surface similar to gonggong but is less red. it could have methane exosphere
    it has a moon called Weywot

    Sedna? R🜨=0.0785

    one of the reddest, very long eliptical orbit 11,400 years to complete. closest: 76 AU furthest: 937 AU
    its the largest planetoid without any known moon

    Orcus? R🜨=0.0719

    it orbits very similar to pluto. this is why some people call it the anti pluto
    it also has a big moon like pluto called Vanth

    Salacia? R🜨=0.0664

    it orbits similar to pluto
    it has a moon Actaea

    there are probably thousands which havent been discovered. some might even be planet size, this list could be bigger in the future

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i never knew pluto had an atmosphere thats so cool !!! i love dwarf planets :]


Music: A.e.r.o. - Little Space Travel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkOKJxE5U9s?autoplay=1


where is the cum planet


i absolutely love these planetary science posts. Astronomy is such a cool field of science to study.


woah this is super interesting, i want to embed all this new info into my mind!!!


yeah its big brain time

broski the 50th

really interesting post, i'd never heard of most of these dwarf planets!


this version has information for all the ones past makemake and has a bit more information on the others too


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