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CSS Help [for the people from tiktok]

you already know that i used a template for my css because i have 0 time to actually fix an original css. anyways i'll be helping you guys with css. [credits to lazykidd,s0cketz,and XxEmo_BitchxX, morgan hain music, llilywebskateboard for css shit.]

here's a document that'll give you basic css codes [also labels them, but you have to remove the labels in order for it to work.] https://docs.google.com/document/d/14rqpQrGDYvkFjMzPhT1QF0901Lbdi4tdwkXq0BD9o7c/edit?usp=sharing

here's another document that helped me with my [later] css

just message me if you have any additional questions, or you can comment them. [i prefer messages since i can reply quickly and will be sent to you specifically and answer your question since there are no reply features in the comments yet.]

i hope this helps you a lot and if it doesn't, please tell me so i can maybe/possibly help. [keep in mind my mailbox/inbox is only open/limited to 10 people so please if you're gonna ask any questions, just ask them in 1 message.]

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