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"A cringe AF muthaF"
14 years old
United States
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Yoohoo Update

personally-babby Today at 6:40 PM
went for a slightly better layout
with a google slide

Undoified Today at 6:42 PM
you can make galleries without google you know

personally-babby Today at 6:43 PM
i know but google is the easiest
i probably will make it non-google eventually
but for now..

Undoified Today at 6:44 PM
there are premade js ones though
all you need is to copy and paste code

personally-babby Today at 6:45 PM
i get the point, ok
this isn't the place to have discussions about updates, anyways
jacko will get mad at us
you can still access the non-google layout by clicking under the slide
i just saw that my school had a slide on their homepage, and was like "wow, i may use that for my own things!"

happened in Penny's Club #site-announcements

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