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"f*ck coke, i’m snortin’ hitlers ashes "
15 years old
United States
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about me

This probably should've been my first blog but whatever, here's some stuff you should know about me!

I'm 15, Im also a gemini... sorry
My favorite animes are Ouran Highschool Host Club and Toradora
My favorite artists are Girl In Red, Eminem, Ghostmane, Lil Darkie and more that i cant think of cuz i'm dumb.
My favorite songs are Stan by Eminem and Montreal by Penelope Scott

I honestly just joined this cuz i saw a video about it a while back but i really wanna make some friends. I don't really care who you are, just hmu.

I REALLY like the colors black and pink, fnaf, talking abot LGBTQ+ and I'll love you forever if you get me lollipops.

If your wanna contact me outside of here, my insta is acacia.jayma

my messages are always open if you need to vent. Ill give your advice or just listen, whatever your need. <3

okay so im rlly odd like to the point where its concerning but whatever. i rlly like horror movies and gore, also oddities and curiosities. i focus on serial killers a lot so if anyone ever wants to talk abt that im so down.

Ummm i don't know what else to say, if i do i'll put it eventually. ily :)

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