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☯︎i had enough

seriously i am jus- i am done with all of you that are new to myspace.
so you are on tiktok or instagram and want to search like nostalgic webshit or like that in 2000s get something like myspace sites that exists. for example, friendproject is the one the most look alike myspace but the name looks different but it's the same site. but this site does not belong to the actual myspace because it looks kinda different and this was created by the legend who made the os parody called windows 93, jankenpopp.
oh so if you really want to say "I dOn'T kNoW hOw To dO sOmE cOdE", then get the fuck out of this page or you need to learn how to do some css code by searching in w3 schools or whatever tom wants to call it. and if you really want to add a song then click "edit mp3" and that's it, that's the whole thing.

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Takukijiri Katoto

why were you so fucking pissed of over people who r new


noobs everywhere


tbh i found this site a while ago and ive picked up a bit of coding since i started! it IS a little annoying for the new ppl to be ignorant n stuff but youre being a little bit mean abt it :<

broski the 50th

it always kinda baffled me how many of these new people just sort of give up and either leave their page barren or take a template then (occasionally) try to edit that. learning the basics of css is not that hard and the basics can be more than enough to make a page with a strong identity


I agree that's why I left! Well I announced I was leaving to get dumbasses off my back

Jaden Desmond

yeah i agree, so many people who joins cant seem to come up with one thought. "how do i add mp3" by clicking the edit mp3 button like bro how hard is it. and then they say "i dont know css" so what? just learn it, its not hard.