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"vampires interact plz"
16 years old
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Hello guys

I am back at school now after break and I think im gonna actually start remebering i have this profile again becuz ill be on my laptop and stuff more often lol. so because i think im gonna be back im gonna add to my photos blog some pics ive taken of me lately because they look so good. changed my profile pics and shit too its me and my friend i love those pics. umm what else is new. i love some cool new bands ive either just found out about or started listening to again like this mortal coil (!!!!! so good i made my fav song my mp3), joan jett and the blackhearts ,deftones, wolf alice and more so yeah :)

not much has rlly been happening for me lately other than TFATWS FINALLY COMING OUT!!! guys i have been so excited for it ive basically been waiting for this tv show for like 3 years sine they teased it or something. its so good. i love sam abd bucky <333 anyways yeah im gonna head off but im pretty sure im gonna like. start using this profile as my own little log or something idk we'll see how that goes with the 10 blogs total thing i could just like keep adding to a single one or something that could be cool. ok ANYWAYS for the 1000th time byee i think ill be coming on here way more soon ok bye

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