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"Party hard"
18 years old
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New beginnings and stuff

Hello everyone
I really don't know how to start off a blog
I used to blog all the time when I was younger, but now I just never found the time for it

With my exams going on, and the recent holiday breaks, there is a lot of free time on my hands
So, I figured I would start a side blog as a small project
I really love to write, and I always have
As when I was young, I would make up songs and poems
Now, as I am an adult, I am starting to hate writing, as I have to write many essays and projects

It's not all bad though
With projects, you get a certain topic normally, you have to stick to that topic
My teacher is a bit laid back and calm, and allows us to be free with our writing
I remember I was quite rebellious in my teenage years
I would draw on all of my projects and turn them in, get bad grades
Now, I regret that, seeing as I was talented but just misunderstood

So yeah this blog is much nicer than a project
That's really all I wanted to say

Sorry if this is boring to some people
Party hard

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