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teddies css journey pt 1


hello welcome to my first blog post!!! since im learning css for the first time i figured i may as well record my progress hehehe.

until today i had like no idea how css worked and thot it was like the same thing as html (i even used to have an older acc here that i stopped using cus i couldnt figure out how to make it cute). but i got my wonderful bf (who is doing coding in college) to help me out!

sooo i learned the basics of it today and i think ive kinda got it figured out!!! usually it takes me a long time to learn stuff and it was SO confusing to me before so im surprised and proud of myself hehehe...

im still unsure abt some things he didnt know yet like changing the color of the comment box and some orange text, but we'll get there eventually im sure! im also curious abt adding floaties and making my boxes jumpy but that stuff can wait until im more skilled!

so umm i guess thats all for now! i would love to hear ppls thoughts abt how it looks so far like if it's cute and/or legible! thank u beary much for reading!!!


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Yay if you know how to use inspect element tool it is easier