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"The Devil is cool and says Capitalism suxx!!!!"
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Tools for Burning the State ^w^

Origionally I was going to keep this page very silly and low key. But then nearly everyone who followed me was an adorable alternative kid foaming at the mouth for action against tyranny and my parental instincts kicked in big time. So:

I'm gonna teach you everything I know about how to rebel effectively against unjust authority and be a real hardcore punk motherfucker! >:3

The spelling mistakes r going to stay in tho bc I'm really bad at spelling & I need every bit of this tiny character count limit in order to do this properly. Sry bout that.

There is a LOT of dangerous shit going down rn especially in the US. Governments around the globe are doing more and more horrifying surveillence of our private lives, so if we want to be able to work against that we need some tools! Enter Tor, Telegram, Signal, and Duck Duck Go.

Any website you log onto can tell where you are by your IP adress, and additionally G o o gle has such an immense ability to track us that you don't even have to use it's search engine for them to know what sites you visit, where you live, where you go to school/work, who your family is and more. Tor circumvents that. It's a part of what people call the Dark Web, a version of the internet that isn't regulated by governing bodies or catalogued by search engines.

The Dark Web has a very bad reputation for being a den of criminal activity, but Tor doesn't have to get you there, and people often forget just how many inoccent and good things have been deemed criminal! If say, being gay, or organizing a protest, or getting HRT therapy ever becomes illigal where you live, you're going to need a place where you aren't being watched.

Start here to Download it https://www.torproject.org/

Telegram and Signal are both used to encrypt your text messages. Telegram is both for phone and desktop and has fun stickers yay :3 https://telegram.org/ Signal is only for phone, you can get it in app stores so I can’t link it here very well :P But look for it and get all your friends and family on it! Encryption only works if both sides are encrypted!!

Duck Duck Go is a web browser same as Yahoo or G ooog le but this doesn’t track your searches nor does it sell your data to the highest bidder! On it’s own, it’s not very effective for privacy, but when used in conjunction with Tor and other methods it’s great, and also just better than nothing! No download needed, here’s the URL https://duckduckgo.com

You’ll also need information! You have been lied to in school. Especially if grew up in the US. You’ll need free access to books and research in order to see what’s really happening in the world

Here is a free ebook library http://gen.lib.rus.ec/ (Be sure to read their letter of solidarity!! It’s good and important stuff) I’ll recommend you books mostly from here so I’m sure you can all read it without the need for money!
Here is an Anarchist group database https://theanarchistlibrary.org/special/index

Now i’m going to slap down some important video from various youtube channels which I think are highly relevant and who care about getting the facts right! One of the most important parts of rebeling against autocracy and fascism is being able to see what is true, and so I recommend these in large part because of their rigorous fact checking and the expertise of the authors!

Renegade Cut – Please watch this video. Seriously, it needs to be seen. Because it shows us what’s at stake right now.

Philosophy Tube

Atun-Shei Films

CGP Grey

Jim Sterling - he does mostly things about the video game industry, and that is a surprisingly dark topic. I think out of everything I’ve seen his work most exemplifies what unchecked capitalism really does

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