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i'm so swag

"erwin !! pp , pp"

Gender Questioning
12 years old
United States
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Song: Wilbur Soot - Your New Boyfriend

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About me:

                            hiiii c:

-im anny ! nice to meet you
-im 12 :p so dont a creep pls
-im currently trying out she/they pronouns rn :)
-im a sags if you're into astrology :D
-currently also questioning my gender rn >:(

music taste:
-mother mother
-arctic monkey
-girl in red

                        All social media !!
                     -discord: anny! <3 #9492
                      -roblox: 2swag4ulolol
                   -pinterest: annypeepeepoopoo


(just wanna say that i dont entirely kins them so i might not act like some of them)
-noya (Haikyuu)
-tanaka (Haikyuu)
-Suga (Haikyuu)
-hinata (Haikyuu)
-suna (Haikyuu)
-oikawa (Haikyuu)
-dazai (Bungou Stray Dog)
-killua (hxh)
-gon (hxh)
[there's more but i forgot them all :P]

Who I'd like to meet:

pls leave my page if you're one of the type of ppl listed below ! sorry
-over the age of 20
-you know my real face (unless i show it to you HAHAHAHA)
-homophobic,transphobic,etc.. pls leave
-you're a pedo, a crepped, pls leave instantly
-you support trump, alm
-support 'animesexual' or anything like that

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thanks 4 the add man.

i'm so swag

how do you do your profile thingy :((

i'm so swag

sweg !


Thanks 4 the add!